4 Signs That You're in Life-Changing Stage

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Life seems stressful sometimes and we want everything shifts to a better direction. But sometimes it is hard to know whether we're being tested or it's time to let go and move on to another direction. But there are some symptoms I usually use as a guidance to observe my circumstances.

1. Anxiety

When we're anxious, it can be two: our inner voices are fighting to each other inside our head or there is one little voice - but powerful enough to disturb our peace - that is trying to tell us what she desires. But as her voice is too soft, we barely understand what she says. We very often misunderstand her or even ignore her (it's totally understandable as she can be so annoying sometimes). When you feel anxious, first thing to do is pull yourself out from your routine and have a talk with anyone inside your head. It is a very important step that actually should be done constantly in our lives so we can have a better relationship with self. I have some personal steps to solve my anxiety problem that I'd like to share to you in other specific article. Or, we can have a nice chat, just send me DM on my Instagram :)

2. Strong urge to do something

If you have found who make(s) the voices inside your head and it's the one with the soft voice (or it can be both the fight ones and the soft one, I guarantee you will be surprised with the ones you will be meeting inside your head), you will start to feel a strong urge to do things that possibly you always think or dream about in your whole life. It's most likely you're about to change the direction you're moving.

3. Unfocused with your routine

When you're anxious then you have an urge to do things you always wanted to do, there is no way for you to be focused on your daily routine. You will find yourself spacing out...constantly. And probably you get into trouble because your boss doesn't like this kind of behavior. But no worries! It's normal for anyone who's about to undergo their Life-Changing stage. When you couldn't focus on your routine, it's the time to retreat from the battle you're in, bring your note because you'll be needing it for sure, and recharge.

4. You don't fit in your circle anymore

It happens a lot but not everyone recognize it as a symptom. Some people feel it is weird if we're in sudden not comfortable in the circle we always been. Well, it's true there is something strange there but it doesn't mean that it's weird or not right. Every human being has a need to grow and sometimes we feel the vessel we're in doesn't give us more space to the growth we need. That is why we can feel a weird need to leave that circle to get more space to grow.

These main signs are most likely happened just before our decision making point. It's a warning sign that tries to warn us it's our time to grow. Every person has their own timeline and deep down we have known when will the next stage come. It's a girl (or a boy or a man or a woman or an old wise man, whatever you named it) with a soft voice inside our head who is trying to make us alert of our personal timeline...then you decide. "Thoughts become things"Let's discuss about personal development and growth! Hit me a DM!

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