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BYMNE OIL BLEND: Heritage Collection VOL.I Mahendradatta

A series inspired by Gunapriya Dharmapatni, also well known as Queen Mahendradatta from Bali Kingdom in 989 - 1011 AD. Together with her husband, King Udayana Warmadewa, she ruled Bali as a Queen Regnant.

Scent No.961 - Clove + Peppermint + Lavender

She was born in 961 and growing up in Watugaluh palace, East Java. She was a Javanese princess of East Javanese from Isyana Dynasty, the daughter of king Sri Makutawangsawarddhana of late Medang Kingdom period.

Warm and herbal clove mixed with fresh and minty peppermint, with a touch of divine lavender. This scent is a remembrance of a graceful and beautiful childhood of a future great queen of Bali, Princess Mahendradatta.

Scent No.989 - Marigold + Lemongrass

She ruled Bali Kingdom together with King Udayana. As a queen, she shared her spouse ‘s social rank and all the power of a monarch. Her marriage with King Udayana was a political arrangement to seal Bali as a part of Medang realm that was ruled by her brother, Dharmawangsa from Isyana Dynasty. This made her position as powerful as the king’s.

Divine scent of marigold mixed with fresh lemongrass; empowering and sweet. This scent number 989, MAHENDRADATTA, is a symbol of a powerful feminine energy with a new fresh female perspective.

Scent No.990 - Lotus + Honey + Amber

In 990 she conceived her first son, Airlangga, who became a famous hero-king of Kahuripan Kingdom in Java.

A blend of sweet flowery lotus mixed with honey and a touch of warm and earthy amber. Sweet, feminine, and divine. This scent number 990, named A Mother of A King, is inspired by her loving and nurturing nature as a mother of a great king.

Scent No. 1011 - Sandalwood + Amber + Ylang-ylang

She died in 1011 after being exiled and humiliated by her own husband and the whole kingdom for allegedly practicing witchcraft as she was believed to bring the cult of Durga from Java to Bali. The Cult of Durga was linked with sacrifices and black magic. Later on, her story was associated with Rangda, the evil witch in Balinese mythology that means widow. This might be because Rangda is also closely associated with Durga.

Linked Balinese Mythology: Rangda

Rangda is known as the Queen of Leyak, the incarnation of Calon Arang, a master of black magic. In Balinese tradition, most often only focuses on her fierceness and her evil deeds. However, there’s a new perspective which takes Calon Arang’s side and portrayed her as a loving and more sympathetic mother. Toeti Heraty characterizes her as the victim of demonization within a patriarchal system.

A blend of woody sandalwood and earthy amber, with a touch of sweet ylang-ylang. It's dark, transformational, empowering. Woody, warm, earthy, slightly flowery sweet. This scent number 1011, named Queen of Shadow, is inspired by her death and rumors and all the stories behind her death. She become a legend in Balinese folklore as Rangda, which means Evil Widow, who takes a revenge after her husband and the whole kingdom by summoning all the evil spirits from the jungle. This scent is dark but transformational and empowering.

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