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Why is Creating Three-Dimensional Vision Board Important?

What is Vision Board?

Vision Board is a visual representation of your goals, it contains posters, images, or texts that visualize what you desire in life (example: dream car, dream house, dream lifestyle, dream outfit, dream job, etc.) This board will help you to clarify or maintain your focus on what really matter to you. It identifies your life vision and goals.

Beta State Mind

Your home is also a vision board, huge shift in your environment will affect your subconscious mind because your environment is like your three-dimensional vision board. Everything you see around you give you subconscious messages. If you see messiness, you actually also create chaos in your mind. Whatever is there is constantly giving you 24hours of influence.

Your brain waves will respond to what you see every day, so when you have chaos around you, you’re more likely to be in your Beta State. And when you put your brain in Beta, you mind is more alert and busier processing the chaos you see, you’re not really relaxed or inspired. It’s an active state where you will not be able to focus on your goal but your challenging environment. You need to get it all fixed so your mind can focus on things that truly matter.

Alpha State Mind

Once your environment is neat and organized, you will get into Alpha State. It’s when your mind is way more relaxed and restful. You’re in a state where you expand your capacity to grow, you will be more inspired and reflective. To get into this state, usually we need to let go of at least 10% of our possessions so you will only have fewer things that spark your joy the most (go check Konmari Method).

Your Home Shapes Your Thoughts

Your home sends you messages 24hours a day and it becomes a habit that shapes your thoughts, it shapes your life. These messages create a trance for you, that is why you need to shift something so it will represent of what you truly desire. You also can stimulate your mind with sensory stimulation: visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory. See what you like, hear what you love, touch what comforts you the most, and smell what you dream of.

Bymne is a brand that’s very aware of these and we consciously

designed every single product to get you in your Alpha State.

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