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Why is Life Vision Important to Your Personal-Growth Journey?

When you are starting a business or project, you’ll be needing a solid plan. When you want to truly live your life, you also need sort of a plan. We call this plan a Life Vision.

What is Life Vision?

We call it Life Vision because the process will show you about how you envision the person who you want to become and the life you want to live. It is your decision-making framework that will guide you during the journey of growing. It will help you as your north star for every decision and action you make. Because you are who is responsible for your own life; not your parents, not your spouse, not your society, not your government, no one is responsible but you.

Living your best life means you live authentically. There is something more in you, your life is driven by something bigger. Every person has their own calling, and this makes us all different from one another. There is no one exact template of life that fits to everybody. Hence, creating our version of Life Vision is essential.

3 Main Reasons of Why People Not Living Their Best Life

  1. People Don’t Know If It’s Possible: our education system is mainly designed for us so we’d be able to pursue these two areas of life: Career and Financial. While, we actually have more areas need to be developed in terms of creating our best fulfilled lives (12 areas in total).

  2. People Are Way Too Busy to Run This Treadmill of Life: where career and financial become their main focus. When looking around and all people are kind of doing the same thing, people tend to think that it’s the only correct thing to do that society would accept. It is a set up that our society create to determine what is appropriate and what isn’t, which is a standard of living a good life. But this kind of life is an ordinary life that isn’t fulfilling because it didn’t come from our true purpose.

  3. People Have an Outmoded Definition of Success: Career and Financial. It’s a narrow perspective of success that needs to be updated. We’re not only living in those two areas but twelve: Health & Fitness, Intellectual Life, Emotional Life, Character, Spiritual Life, Love Life, Life Vision, Quality of Life, Career, Financial Life, Social Life, and Parenting (by Jon and Missy Butcher).

How to Find Your North Star

By discovering who you truly are: your values, your beliefs, your driving forces, etc; you’ll be having a guide where you’re actually going. The process of finding yourself won’t be easy. When you show up as who you really are, as your authentic self, there are people who are still living their ordinary lives that will try to bring you back to the system. It is very uncomfortable for them to see someone who live differently.

A clear life vision of what you truly desire for your 12 areas will allow you to live an authentic life that is extraordinary and fulfilling. You’ll be immune to the programming around you. A clear life vision will inoculate you from distraction because you already know about yourself, your value, and your journey.

"You need to know who you are, what you represent, and who you want to choose to be."

- Missy Butcher

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