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Smoky Quartz Scent is a combination of Mimosa, Cypress, and Lily. This blend is stabilizing harmonious mood, emotionally grounding, energetically balancing.Smoky Quartz stone is said to create an astral pathway to past worlds or out-of-body travel if you shine candlelight into its center and follow the pathway in your mind. Smoky Quartz protects against nasty spirit.“A guardian against bad luck; in Switzer-land, Germany and Austria, smoky quartz crucifixes were traditionally put on bed-room walls to keep away evil, human, and paranormal, especially at night.”- Cassandra Eason


120gr Candle designed for Full Moon in Pisces during Virgo Season 2021

Scent: Cypress + Lily + Mimosa


Our container is handmade from 100% recycled glass from @crystalglass.official. Each candle has different shape of container and crystal due to manual hand-making and natural stone, which makes every piece of our work unique.

Crystal Infused Candle - Smoky Quartz 120gr

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  • Smoky Quartz Point

    Type: Quartz (also called cairngorm)

    Color: Tinted smoky brown or natural gray

    Availability: Common

    Physical benefits: Gently restoring physical energy, melting energy blocks, also believed to help with the relief of chronic pain.

    Emotional Healing: Reduces anxiety, psychological sexual blocks, insomnia, self-harming, and panic attacks.

    Chakra: Root (opens the chakra gently)


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