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A Roller Blend inspired by Gunapriya Dharmapatni, also well known as Queen Mahendradatta from Bali Kingdom in 989 - 1011 AD. Together with her husband, King Udayana Warmadewa, she ruled Bali as a Queen Regnant.


In 990 she conceived her first son, Airlangga, who became a famous hero-king of Kahuripan Kingdom in Java.


This scent number 990, named A Mother of A King, is inspired by her loving and nurturing nature as a mother of a great king.

Heritage Scented Candle No. 990

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  • A blend of sweet flowery lotus mixed with honey and a touch of warm and earthy amber.

    Sweet, feminine, and divine

  • Size: 90gr / 3.5oz

    Wick: Cotton

    Ingredients: Ingredients: SoyCoco Wax & Aromatic Oils

    Estimated Burning Time: 20 hours

    CAUTION: Only burn maximum 2 hours at a time, always trim your wick before each burn, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED

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