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Bymnē /bī’nə/ stands for by mnēmonic /nəˈmänik/, “a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something”. Mnemonic is originally taken from Greek word Mnemon that means Mindful.

Féminin Sacré - by caroline marie jeanne

Women bring so much beauty into the world. They are the creators, the nurturers, the healers, the magicians, the empresses, the muses, the mothers, daughters, sisters, and most importantly the vessels for the essence of the feminine energy. They anoint harmony, balance, sensuality, and a magical spark to everything they touch.

When they take time, slow down, dedicate themselves to their practices, to their self-care, connecting with the divine in them, they give themselves permission to radiate this very unique light they hold, a light that can totally transform the world and help us all to reconnect with the sacred.

Image by Ramez E. Nassif

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