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Bymnē /bī’nə/ stands for by mnēmonic /nəˈmänik/, “a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something”. Mnemonic is originally taken from Greek word Mnemon that means Mindful.

sri maha

Dyah Ayu Sri Maharatu Mahadewi, known as Ken Dedes, was called Nareswari. Nareswari means "Mother of Great Kings". She is the the origin of the lineage of kings that rule Java, the great mother of the Rajasa dynasty, the royal family that ruled Java from the Singhasari to the Majapahit era.

This series is inspired by Ken Dedes' noble character and beauty. We named this series Sri Maha, taken from her name Sri Maharatu Mahadewi. Not only she had exceptional beauty, she was also advanced in spirituality that was believed will bring successes to anyone she marries. Also mentioned that she had mastered Karma Amamadang, which is the ability to free herself from samsara.

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Image by Ramez E. Nassif

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