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The Balinese day cycle doesn't start at midnight, but it goes from sunrise to the next instead. The day cycle is divided into two: lemah (daytime) and peteng (night time). Daytime consists of three (3) turning points (sandikala) of the sun: galang lemah (at dawn / sunrise), kali tepet (noon, when the sun at its zenith), and lingsiran (at dusk / sunset). These are moments of cosmic mutation when Balinese are advised to be more alert spiritually. Hence meditation can be practiced during these times of the day.


The other crucial times for meditation are based on the position and quality of the moon during the night, such as: nyerepetan bulan (when the moon at its zenith), moon eclipse, tilem (new moon), and purnama (full moon).


We want to reintroduce our sacred incenses designed for each moment of this cosmic mutation. Whether you're going to meditate or just need some help to keep yourself sharp spiritually, these incense will help creating peace and calmness during these crucial moments of the day. Our sacred incense is made by local makers, supervised by local priest. Before rolling the incense, all of the makers have to do a prior ritual (meditation & yoga) to maintain the purity of their work.

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