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As a female-led business, bymne always wants to be a place and community for women to grow. We always want to create products that enhance feminine power in every woman. Thus, this series is inspired by Uma Goddess as the embodiment of feminine power: Uma Goddess represents strength and beauty in women.


Bymne wants to support women in preparing their motherhood. Inspired by UMA Goddess (also known as Parvati) as the mother goddess who protects childbearing women going through the process of pregnancy and childbirth, we collaborate with a professional midwife: Maria Christina Sulistyawati E. A.Md.Kep, to develop our UMA Seires products. It’s a big life changing moment for women and we want to help them to feel comfortable during this transitioning stage. We create these tools for women so they can embrace these changes gracefully and beautifully.


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