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"One must pursue material knowledge and spiritual wisdom simultaneously, and that a fulfilling life results from the harmonious, balanced alignment of the individual and the social interests, the personal and the organizational goals, the material and the spiritual pursuits of life.

One sided pursuits lead to darkness. To be enlightened, seek both material knowledge and spiritual wisdom (उभय सह, ubhayam saha)." - Isha Upanishad



A series inspired by the story of Gayatri Rajapatni, not only as a respected Queen Consort, but also as a mother and protector. She is strong and independent with her vision, leadership with a remarkable knowledge to lead her kingdom together with Raden Wijaya; but she's also loving and nurturing to her family. She dedicates her few last years becoming a Bikkhuni for her spiritual pursuit. AUM Scent is divine floral, sacred, and romantic.

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