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Company Profile

Founded in 2018, Maria Nersi wanted to create a brand that isn't just to sell but also to inspire self-growth. We want our products and services become a reminder that we all need to go back to our inner journey because we believe that it is all that matters. We only create products and services that improve wellbeingness in the most holistic way.

Our environment sends us all messages 24-hours a day and it becomes a habit that shapes our thoughts and eventually our lives. Design what you would like to see, what you love to hear, what comforts you the most, and sense what you dream of.

Bymne is a brand that’s very aware of these and we consciously designed every single product to get you into the state to bring those visions alive. Aromas can be used to create a particular environment or space to encourage meditative state in the lower brain frequencies: Alpha, Theta, and Delta states. it has beneficial impacts on emotional well-being in general. It helps us to define our self-image, boosts concentration, and lifts up the mood.

Our small business was growing rapidly in 2020 during global pandemic since everybody went online. And in 2021 we made this business official. Bymne Bali has listed as an official local artisan brand under the name CV. Bymne Bali. Our products are all carefully and mindfully crafted in small batches based on request.

Name Meaning

Bymne /bī’ne/ - stands for By Maria Nersi. We also refer mne as Mnemonic /ne’manik/ - a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something. Mnemonic is originally taken from Greek word: Mnemon that means Mindful.

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