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Company Profile

Founded in 2018, Maria Nersi wanted to create a brand that inspires self-growth & mastery, especially for women. We believe in Feminine Leadership that allows us to channel our emotions & intuition within our work. In Bymne, we want our products and offers become daily reminders for our customers and audience to always look inward and listen to their inner guidance by listening and observing their emotions and body. Our mission is to be impactful and transformative to inspire people to improve and change their lives.

Our environment sends us all signals 24-hours a day and they will become a habit that shapes our thoughts and mindset. It's very important to always look after our surroundings and create transformative space that inspires self-growth and life-improvements. Bymne is a brand that’s very aware of this and we consciously designed every single product to help people to be more aware of their senses as it will bring more awareness to the mind and body. Aromas can be used to create a particular environment or space to encourage meditative state in the lower brain frequencies: Alpha, Theta, and Delta states. it has beneficial impacts on emotional well-being in general. It will help to define self-image and lift up the moods.

Our founder loves doing her cultural and historical research. And as a Javanese herself, she found so many similarities in Bali culture compared to her culture back in Java. Since Bali culture was actually rooted in ancient Javanese history and beliefs, she decided to readapt her life and beliefs to this island living. Our team members are all Balinese and we're all very inspired by Bali culture, beliefs, and history that we actually live in. We love to share the findings of the essence of Bali cultural living through Bymne.

Our products are all carefully and mindfully crafted in small batches based on request.

Name Meaning

Bymne /bī’ne/ - stands for By Maria Nersi. We also refer mne as Mnemonic /ne’manik/ - a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something. Mnemonic is originally taken from Greek word: Mnemon that means Mindful.

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