"When I was doing a random research about Bali History in my free time, I found Mahendradatta that turned out to be a Queen Regnant of Bali in 989. She is linked to Betari Durga, a topic that I used to love to learn about. My brain started to rewind everything that used to make me excited and empowered from learning history. Then I got this brilliant idea to share everything I know and have from learning Indonesian Heritage by creating this series inspired by the story of Queen Mahendradatta, Baddass Goddess: Durga, and Balinese Mythology: Rangda. I hope this will make other people, women especially, inspired and empowered. And eventually will change their lives too just like what it did to me.


We all can rise up from our own ashes. It’s a beautiful destruction that appears to be negative, but eventually will shape us to be better and stronger."


Sending you my love and hugs,

Maria Nersi