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BYMNE OIL BLEND: Heritage Collection VOL.II Banaspati Raja

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Balinese celebrates the victory of Dharma over Adharma during this 10-day-celebration. It is believed that our ancestors are visiting us during these holy days to help us defeating the bad and evil force. This event is often linked to the mythology of Barong and Rangda. Barong symbolizes the good force and Rangda symbolizes the curse or the evil one, although in Bali both of these forces are considered holy. Barong and Rangda symbolize the balance between constructive force and destructive force (Rwa Bhineda), same concept as Yin and Yang.


Banaspati Raja is known as the Spirit King of the Forest. Banaspati Raja manifests himself as Barong Ket to free the Balinese from his Shakti's curse who is manifesting herself as Dewi Durga with a form of Rangda. This story is symbolizing the victory of Dharma over Adharma (Tari Barong).

This scent Spirit of Forest is inspired by this mythology figure, Barong Ket.

In Bali, Barong Ket also portrays Kālarudra that is known as the manifestation of Dewa Siwa (Tiwikarma) to resolve a catastrophe that is occuring on earth.

Spirit of Forest

The scent of sweet floraly Ylang-ylang, combined with freshly cut wood: Pine and Bergamot.

Olfactory Atmosphere: Sweet exotic sacred floral, mixed with freshly cut woody scent of Pine Tree and Bergamot


This scent Kālarudra is inspired by this mythology figure, Banaspati Raja. The scent of sweet floraly Cempaka, mixed with woodsy Gaharu. The scent of mythical forest.

Olfactory Atmosphere: Warm woodsy with a touch of exotic Balinese sacred floral scent.

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