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BYMNE OIL BLEND: Mini Series Collection

Bymne launches a Mini Series every once in a while to add up our oil blend collection for our BymneTribe to choose. This is a list of our scents from our Mini Series Collection.


Honey + Agarwood + Rose

This scent is mostly honey sweet with a touch of woody note and a fresh floral scent as an accent. Mythology was inspired by Bali Island which has so many myths within the tradition and custom.


Cypress + Lily + Mimosa

This scent was designed for Pisces Full Moon during Virgo Season in 2021. It's a fresh Cypress with a touch of flowery sweetness from Lily and Mimosa. This scent is very unique and grounding. Originally designed pairing up with Smoky Quartz stone.

FLEUR DE PROSPERITÉ Geranium + Bergamot

It means the romantic scent of prosperity. Set a romantic mood with the combination of rose and a lemony twist from geranium and bergamot’s sweet yet aromatic scent. It's floral with a lemony twist and green aromatic undertones.


Ginger + Orange + Cinnamon

Scent of holiday season. Originally designed for Christmas 2020. It's warming and sweet, perfect for family time during Christmas holiday.


Honey + Black Tea

This scent was designed for Year End Holiday Season 2021. Not so Chrismas-ish so everyone can enjoy the scent. It's powdery and sweet.


Amber + Fig

Designed to be paired up with Grace No.3. Festive Holiday is earthy with a touch of fruity note.

Get our Mini Series scent for your customized Bymne Body Care:

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