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HERITAGE: Dyah Ayu Sri Maharatu Mahadewi - The Nareswari, Most Desired Woman in Java; 1200s

Dyah Ayu Sri Maharatu Mahadewi, known as Ken Dedes, was called Nareswari. Nareswari means "Mother of Great Kings". She is the the origin of the lineage of kings that rule Java, the great mother of the Rajasa dynasty, the royal family that ruled Java from the Singhasari to the Majapahit era.

Ken Dedes was the first queen of Singhasari Kingdom, consort of Ken Arok. Ken Dedes' exceptional and extraordinary beauty was famous throughout the land. Every rule wanted to make her their wife as they believed that she'd make them powerful rulers.

Ken Dedes was not impressed by any social status hence she never agreed to be anyone's wife, until one day she was forced to marry Tunggul Ametung who kidnapped her when her father was away. Mpu Purwa, Ken Dedes' father, cursed Tunggul Ametung, saying he would be killed because of Ken Dedes' beauty. The curse became reality when Ken Arok assassinated Tunggul Ametung and took Ken Dedes as his own wife.

That day when Ken Arok encountered Ken Dedes for the first time. He caught sight of her naked legs and thighs and he saw that her genitals were 'shining'. He learned that this radiance was the sign that Ken Dedes bears the divine quality and would be the bearer of kings (Nareswari). By this, Ken Arok was motivated to dispatch Tunggul Ametung. He suceeded killing Tunggul Ametung using Mpu Gandring cursed kris and Ken Dedes became his wife.

Tradition said that Ken Dedes was truly in love with Ken Arok because of his background that didn't come with power even though there was power linage in his blood but he had rough childhood and raised by a mugger. His strong determination and will impressed Ken Dedes. And after marrying Ken Dedes he became the first king of Singhasari in 1222.

This series is inspired by Ken Dedes' noble character and beauty. We named this series Sri Maha, taken from her name Sri Maharatu Mahadewi. Not only she had exceptional beauty, she was also advanced in spirituality that was believed will bring successes to anyone she marries. Also mentioned that she had mastered Karma Amamadang, which is the ability to free herself from samsara.

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