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How to Use Our 90gr Cotton Wick Candle Amber Jar Series

Trim Your Wick Before Your First Burn

Leave +/- 5mm long of your cotton wick before burning to avoid black smoke. The wick length will impact the burning quality of the candle. For example, if the wick is too long and overburnt, when lit, it will create heavy smoke and block off proper heat transmission to the surface of the wax.

Observe Where Your Candle Is Placed

Avoid places with strong air flow as it might affected your candle. If a window is frequently opened or the room is air-conditioned, these factors can affect the strength of a scent.

Always Burn Your Candle For At Least 30 Mins to An Hour

Allow the candle wax to melt all the way across the wall and provide enough time for the scent to evaporate. If you don't have enough time to burn your candle properly, consider to use a reed diffuser or electrical diffuser as a quick fix instead of a candle.

Put Out The Candle With a Candle Snuffer or Just Simply Dip Your Wick Into The Melted Wax

Minimise the generation of smoke and prevent a burning smell from your wick.

"After continually smelling the same scent for more than 15 minutes, our olfactory system will become less sensitive, making us think the scent has disappeared."

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