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Our New Upgraded Candle Wax Announcement

As a small industry that is concerned not only with products development but also focusing to find the suitable ingredients make Bymne keeps improving the quality of the components used for each product.

Thus, after some consideration, we changed our current wax to coconut and soy hybrid wax. Not without any reason, we would like to replace it mostly because the colour shows more beauty and elegancy. It varies from bright white to creamy and opaque which can activate the energy around us.

Aside from the colour, it has a superior scent throw both cold and hot which means the scent of the candle can last longer than with our old palm wax one. Moreover, hybrid wax burns longer and provides cleaner scents. That is basically because hybrid wax can hold up to 12% of oils.

Along with that, most wicks are compatible with hybrid wax. This may affect the burning time and consistency of the candles. Another benefit is that this hybrid wax carries no additives and is processed more sustainably compared to many other wax choices.

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