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Everybody is into spirituality these days but not all understands the concept behind the beliefs they follow. These are signs that will help you to recognize toxic traits in spirituality you might have yourself (or maybe someone you know) - no worries, we all might have slightly bit from one or two and that's totally okay. We'll learn along the way.

"Good Vibes Only"

We all know at least one person with this type. It happens a lot in the early stage of spiritual-awakening process. But sadly this also can be a sign of avoidance. This type of person hates conflicts and instead of facing their problems, they'll tip toe around it claiming they only want to respond to "good vibes" only.

Some problems indeed need to be ignored if the source of the problem is NOT from thy self (such as gossips and rumors). But some still need closures to find conclusions (and lessons), such as communication issues, work ethics, or even the issues that come from trauma response. It might be uncomfortable and triggering, but these such issues need to be discussed and be solved. So, not everything needs to be "good vibes only".

Easily Cut People Off Because They Just "Don't Vibe"

Ever met someone who doesn't react well on bad feedback or critics even though they always perceive themselves as "Spiritually Awakened"? Or someone that always seem like they want to be treated as "always right", "always good", "the more enlightened one", "the more awakened one", "the most self-aware one", or even only want to be glorified by their "followers"?

These type of "spiritual people" will be easily offended by critics, feedback or even just a simple question about what they do or believe. These people are actually very fragile and easily be shaken. They'll easily call people toxic as the main reason to cut them off and just because they don't "vibe". But actually, they only don't want their belief and validity to be questioned or challenged. Too easy to judge other people as "toxic" or "not awakened enough" is also a toxic trait.

Only Be Interested to Talk About Themselves

...because nobody but themselves has interesting lives or interesting "spiritual lessons". They easily judge other people for not as awakened as them. They'll keep telling you about their stories and life lessons and will keep focusing the conversation just about themselves without showing some interest on listening back from you (even more annoying ones wouldn't be happy if you showed them that you could understand what they were saying because you'd experienced what they'd experienced, they'd reject the validity of your story and claim that what they'd experienced were different than yours).

Always Force Things To Go Their Way

These people who have so much faith in themselves as of nobody can do things better than them because they believe that they're more evolved compared to anyone among their peers.

When things don't go as expected they'll throw a tantrum and project their ego to anybody else around. They won't take the blame because they believe that they're always right as they're more "guided". Usually you'll feel drained and exhausted when you're around them because you need to constantly maintain their mood and feed their ego. This type of people is very easy to spot as they couldn't maintain a longterm relationships, especially at work.

Too Much "Self Love"

An enough dose of self-love is very beautiful and fascinating to see. But showing it too much is just very uncomfortable to see because it feels like a self-convincing narrative about how much they love themselves. But, it might show the contrary and make people cringe. If you know and believe that you're truly great, you won't be needing to prove anything to anyone. People can see it themselves without you constantly brag about it all the time. Showing off once in a while is fine, it could be a way to express gratitude, but psychology says that people who constantly show themselves off may have bigger issues than it seems. Learn more of this topic here.

Rushing Their Personal-Growth

We all have different divine timeline, even our personal-growth. There are things can't be rushed or skipped during the development. People who are into personal-growth (including spiritual-growth) would know that you have to be extra patient and just enjoy the process. You can't force the result to show itself when it is not the time yet.

But, there are people out there who believe that they can skip a 10-year-lesson in a couple of months or even weeks. They're so eager to get all the information from books, the internet, trying lots of therapies, everything, just so they can progress faster (there is a fear of missing out there). We all can earn the knowledge but we still need to digest those information, connect the dots, and learn how to apply them in life. We still can't replace the power of experiences.

I truly believe that some people indeed grow differently, they might be able to go faster compared to the others. But, focusing on being fast and being so eager to skip the years might become another issue that will block you out from personal-growth.

World's Rules Don't Apply to Them

They refuse to learn about conventional ways on doing things, most often about financial. But also applies in politic, social, economy, business, and culture. Their motto is "I don't chase, I attract."; which also my motto actually. But one thing people often forget is that we have to become eligible first. There are lots of works have to be done prior receiving. There are internal wounds need to be healed and solved before you grow. There are essential lessons inside the box we need to learn before you expand your way outside the box.

Which concludes that you STILL need to understand the basic of the conventional ways on doing things before doing it your way. Because by the end of the day, we are all still living in a systematical world using these global systems. We might be still stuck in the matrix without even realizing it if we refuse to learn about its system. We can't dodge from things we don't understand.

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