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Bymne Goddess Collection - Valentine's Edition

A series inspired by the goddess of love and beauty. Our Aphrodite element choices are made based on Aphrodite's favorite things: Fig - her favorite fruit, Honey - her favorite beauty routine and bee is her sacred creature, Musk - symbolizing her romantic and sensuality gesture, and Rose - her favorite flower.


Aphrodite is sweet, sensual, and romantic.

Aphrodite Candle with Dried Fig 220gr

SKU: 092204030101
  • Sweet, Senusal, and Romantic

  • Size: 220gr

    Wick: Single Cotton Wick with Dried Fig Fruit

    Ingredients: Ingredients: SoyCoco Wax & Aromatic Oils

    Estimated Burning Time: 80 hours

    CAUTION: Burn minimum 1 hour and maximum 3 hours at a time,  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED

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