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A series inspired by Gunapriya Dharmapatni, also well known as Queen Mahendradatta from Bali Kingdom in 989 - 1011 AD. Together with her husband, King Udayana Warmadewa, she ruled Bali as a Queen Regnant.


She was born in 961 and growing up in Watugaluh palace, East Java. She was a Javanese princess of East Javanese from Isyana Dynasty, the daughter of king Sri Makutawangsawarddhana of late Medang Kingdom period.


This scent is a remembrance of a graceful and beautiful childhood of a future great queen of Bali, Princess Mahendradatta.

Heritage Massage Body Oil No. 961

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  • Warm and herbal clove mixed with fresh and minty peppermint, with a touch of divine lavender.

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