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A series inspired by Gunapriya Dharmapatni, also well known as Queen Mahendradatta from Bali Kingdom in 989 - 1011 AD.


She ruled Bali Kingdom together with King Udayana. As a queen, she shared her spouse ‘s social rank and all the power of a monarch. Her marriage with King Udayana was a political arrangement to seal Bali as a part of Medang realm that was ruled by her brother, Dharmawangsa from Isyana Dynasty. This made her position as powerful as the king’s.


This scent number 989, MAHENDRADATTA, is a symbol of a powerful feminine energy with a new fresh female perspective.

Heritage Mini Reed Diffuser No. 989

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  • Divine scent of marigold mixed with fresh lemongrass; empowering and sweet

  • Size: 40ml

    Ingredients: Perfumer Alchohol and Aromatic Oils

    Learn how to prepare your reed diffuser here.

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