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Inspired by a fenomenal queen of Singasari Kingdom, Ken Dedes, the embodiment of perfect beauty. She is known as a charismatic and elegant lady from a small vilage in Java, a daughter of Buddhist Monk, Mpu Purwa. Her exceptional and extraordinary beauty attracted many great rulers across the land who asked her to be their wife.

She wasn't easily impressed by the glory these rulers offered to her, she kept her choices selective until one day she was kidnapped by Tunggul Ametung, the ruler of Tumapel. This made her father furious and cursed who took Ken Dedes away.


One day, she encountered a young charismatic Ken Arok who caught sight of her naked legs and thighs and he saw that her genitals were 'shining'. He learned that this radiance was the sign that Ken Dedes bears the divine quality and would be the bearer of kings. By this, Ken Arok was motivated to dispatch Tunggul Ametung. He suceeded killing Tunggul Ametung using Mpu Gandring cursed kris and Ken Dedes became his wife.

Sri Maha Incense Holder

SKU: 062303040501
Expected to ship in 6 days
  • This wooden incense holder is handmade by local craftsmen in Java.

    Diameter 14cm

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