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Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Maria has been coming to Kinesiology Therapy for almost two years now, working on her wellbeing in general but mostly for her energy flow. It is very important for her since she has to manage her business and works, her team, and her relationships with clients, family and friends. These all need a constant energy work since it all requires lots of energy. Sometimes we couldn't handle it all at a time and feel exhausted for doing the work or to maintain everything all together.

It is very normal to feel overwhelmed and tired because we can't maintain our energy high at all times, and we don't have to. But sometimes, there are certain conditions where we need to keep the energy high when we don't have enough of it. So every time it happens, she calls her therapist.

In one of her therapy sessions, she learned how to activate and boost her energy by herself in case of emergency (before a meeting with client or problem solving situation). We are all connected to the source and we all can access and tap into it. With Kinesiology, we can activate and integrate our chakras. And to connect to the energy source, we have to re-activate our Energy Chakra - Root and pull the energy all the way up with our breath.

Step by Step To Do Your Daily Energy Activation
  1. Cover your navel with your left hand, make sure your palm is touching your navel completely

  2. Touch your back right on top of your tailbone (by the end of your spine) with your right hand, slightly massage it up and down there and feel the energy be activated

  3. You can switch your hands whenever you feel need to

  4. Do this for a minute or two or until you feel activated enough

  5. Bring the energy up by massaging your chest (your Heart Chakra - symbol of compassion and love) right under your collar bones (both left and right bones), one hand still covering your navel, you can switch hands

  6. Maintain your breath and imagine your energy moves from your tailbone up to your chest through your spine, stay in this state for a couple of minutes

  7. Still covering your navel, move your other hand to your lips area (Throat Chakra - symbol of creative and inspiration energy, to manifest), massage the spot right under nose and under your lips where you can feel your teeth underneath

  8. Pull the energy up to your mouth and release through your breath, switch hands if needed


  • You can end your Daily Energy Activation Session by touching your forehead with both hands side by side and push it up just a little bit or every time you feel stressed out or frustrated, bring your breath from your tailbone up through your spine and release with your mouth. Keep your tongue up on your upper jaw while breathing in.

  • Do this practice every single day at least two weeks straight to stabilize your high energy level, do this session every morning. Very recommended to do this as early as possible. You can repeat this practice whenever you feel drained and stressed in a prominent situation.

  • Do Hakini Mudra every time you need more mind clarity (it does make sense why Shikamaru Nara always does this every time he's in his thinking mode)

  • You can prepare your body by drinking your lukewarm water prior practicing

  • Use massage oil for better experience. Get your oil here

  • Light on your candle, incense, or diffuse your oils. Find your perfect aromatherapy here

Would you do this practice?

  • Yes, Definitely!

  • No, I don't have time to do such things

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