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Delicious and Healthy Pre-Workout Meal: Banana Smoothie by Waya Theresia

Waya Theresia is a friend of mine. She's the queen behind Omamma Brownies and she's a Kitchen Genius. She creates new recipes in her free time or whenever she feels like to, and she's always generously willing to share her Kitchen Wisdom to me (and now to you too).

This Healthy Banana Smoothie is a special request from me as I love banana and it's a very good pre-workout meal, but sadly my mouth just can't accept banana's texture and it gives me gag reflects every single time I try to swallow. So I asked my best friend to share this healthy pre-workout meal to me.

Not only to boost your energy, this banana smoothie is a real winner nutritiously. It is abundant in minerals and vitamins; it also contains a source of healthy calories, fibre, and protein. This healthy drink can help you to avoid muscle cramps during your workout session.

Serving for 1

Preparation Time: 6mins Best time consuming: Breakfast or 30mins before a Workout/Gym as pre-workout meal and/or after a workout

Total Calories / Serving: 271 kcal


100 kcal 1 ripe banana (average size)

3.41 kcal 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder (other option or optional additional ingredient: 24 kcal - 75 gr frozen strawberries)

37 kcal 60 ml of fresh milk (other option or optional additional ingredient: 50 kcal / cup - 1 cup of protein shake powder or according to your taste)

38 kcal 60 ml of plain yogurt

60.5 kcal 10 gr of roasted almond

32 kcal 1 teaspoon of honey


  1. Cut ripe banana into chunks

  2. Mix plain yogurt with milk/protein powder

  3. Put the mix and add banana chunks into the blender and blend until few chunks remain

  4. Add cinnamon powder. Blend again until smooth.

  5. Pour into a glass. Add a few cinnamon powder for extra topping if you like.

  6. Serve & enjoy!

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