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MINDSET & HABIT: How to Keep Showing Up 100% in Difficult Situation

Every body has their own things and struggles we don't see. But a well-managed person will always show up and give their best despite anything happen in many other areas in their lives. They make other people wonder how they do it all yet still manage to keep their shit together.

This article will give you some useful and proven tips on how to manage your life to be all ready to face unpredictable and difficult situations. Please note that the tips we are about to give is not an instant process, it'd take years to build a new habit and a system to function. Invest your time and thoughts now by following these tips:

Life-Visions Mapping

Have visions in life is very important. It gives you a sense of purpose and a momentum to move forward. Learn why is it very important here. By mapping your visions for every area of your life, you'll know what you want and why you want them in your life. By knowing your initial purpose, you'll know where you're heading and then you can start designing on how you want to move. You'll find out about your own timeline and who you want to surround yourself with along the way. Life-Visions Mapping is not a linear process, you might be back to your previous steps or re-envision your goals.

Understanding your What and Why

If money isn't an issue, name one thing you want to do in life and why.

If you have nothing to worry about, what do you eager to do? Why do you want to do it?

What kind of life do you aspire to live? Name why.

Name things you want to have in life and why do you think they're important.

What kind of life-mission you want to pursue? What drives you to have that/those mission(s)?


Finding your destination and path you want to walk through

Timeframe making

Creating the environment to support your growth

Pattern Mapping

Recognizing and learning about your old patterns is essential before creating a new pattern. It's very important to give yourself a sense of self-understanding because self-awareness is the most important key during this process. By mapping out your current patterns, you will understand that changing your patterns is quite a work. You don't change everything over the night but gradually throughout the years. Patience is very much needed.

By mapping out your current patterns, you'll recognize which patterns you're no longer need and prioritize the ones you're going to work on first. This will give you a sense of direction to get closer to your goals.

Developing a Support System

Some people would say or claim that a support system is a privilege, not everyone has a proper support system. Wrong. We all can create our own support system by design. Nothing can hold you back if you already know what you want, why you want it, know where you're heading and how to get there, and who will help you getting there and how they will contribute.

Every body was born with the first support system called family. But it doesn't mean that the first support system is a relatable and reliable safety net for everyone. It's true that the one who was born with a relatable and reliable support system might be privileged, but even the privileged one is not necessarily will grow alongside with their first support system.

Mostly, they outgrow their own family and need to find the new one. And many who don't have relatable and reliable support system will grow up resilient because they need to survive the situation by themselves, which also some kind of privilege if we want put it that way. It is all about choices on how you want to utilize what you were born with. Anyhow, both might've outgrown their first support system and environment along with their growth.

The situation that used to support you is no longer relatable or the situation that used to build your resiliency has become toxic and no longer supporting your growth.

PRO TIP on how to respond to people and environment you've outgrown

Set boundaries by understanding that you've changed and others might stay still or grow to a different direction, and that's beyond okay. Respect other people's choices and embrace your old environment as a part of yourself and growth. Without these people and your old environment, you won't be who you are today. Just be grateful, express your gratitude, and accept the fact that you have changed and are no longer belong in that environment and the people. Understand that despite of your growth, it doesn't mean that you're better than them, not at all. It's just the matter of different personal life choices, and you will respect that. Respect other people's choices, acknowledge that your life-decisions can be confusing or not relatable to other people, and embrace that you're no longer comfortable being in the environment you used to live and that is why you need to move out and move on; those are the boundaries you will need. Conflicts most likely will appear but you'll handle it well because you're self-aware and understand that it's nothing to do with you nor the others and it's a very normal misunderstanding because not everyone could handle changes very well. Changes are indeed triggering for some people including yourself. Learn how to handle triggers here.

When you've outgrown your family and friends, you don't immediately cut them off like they don't matter. Instead, you adjust and redevelop how you want to incorporate them in your life. We are all changing, so everyone's roles are also changing. But it doesn't mean that you need to get rid of everyone, unless, they become toxic or you become toxic when around them. If that happens, it means that you need to work on yourself (learn a technique how to work on yourself here). And when you're ready to move on, you can start designing who you want to surround yourself with as you need to be inspired. But be extra careful and cautious, it won't be easy to find one this time around. You can find a mentor or a study group or maybe a community that shares the same interest and vision as you.

Create a System That Works For You

From realizing and recognizing your life-visions, current habits & patterns, priorities, and the people and environment you can rely on; you'll be able systemizing your life. So many things can be automated because you already know yourself and what you need. Life can be chaotic but some aspect in life don't have to be.

By putting a system in your life, you'll put your stuff in order so you don't have to think of every single small thing that can be done automatically. You'll know which technology to make your life easier, you'll know when to start hiring people to do your chores based on your likings or needs, you'll know who to contact when you need help, even your body and muscles will learn patterns from your system and start doing things automatically (like putting your keys on their place without even thinking where to put them because you already have your space designed).

And by the time you have to face an unpredicted difficult situation, such as a sick family member you need to support, problem at work, or recent global pandemic; you'd be able to give a hundred percent of your attention to it when it's needed because everything else has been well handled automatically by the system. Of course this system can't guarantee you to solve every single problem in life, sometimes even with a system, your life can be shattered still. But a system will definitely help you to get back up faster and make everything so much easier compared when you don't have any.



Maria Nersi

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