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Introduction to TANTRA SERIES

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The Smell of Tantra - Musk & Honey

Musk dominant is leathery, skin-like scent, grounding and earthy. It is sensual with a slight sweetness twist - honey. The scent helps you to feel grounded, to be in touch with your nature and true self. It evokes your sensuality and intimacy with yourself (or with your partner).

Own Your Sensuality

Being sensual is not the same as being sexual. Tantra practice is not always leading to sexual activities at all. It is about slowing down, feeling what your body wants, and allowing yourself to enjoy the sensations. Bymne Tantra Series is a reminder that every woman as a feminine being is allowed to feel empowered by her sensuality.

Start Your Tantra Practice by Moving Meditation on Your Daily Basis

Practicing Tantra means embracing our true power as a feminine being, as a woman, as a goddess. It focuses on internal-connection and self-reflection with physical activities intended to understand our posture and movement better. It's a moving meditation.

Start your Daily Moving Meditation Practice

As written in Ragawidya - by Y.B. Mangunwijaya; we can practice this moving meditation on daily basis. You don't have a particular schedule to practice this moving meditation, because every activity we do everyday can be it. The key is to be aware of every single of it: sitting, walking, typing on your computer, taking a bath, pooping, playing with your pet; everything basically. You can feel and be more sensitive about how the way your skin touches things, every single muscle you move when you do things, you can be aware of your lungs automatically breath the air and your heart pumps your blood to every inch of your body. It's also a reminder that life is a blessing. You're not only being intimate with yourself, but the life itself by doing this practice. Most importantly, allow yourself to enjoy every sensation your body feels from the movement.

Tantra Massage

Anytime you feel ready to understand your body deeper and better, you can start practicing Tantra Massage (by yourself or with your partner). Just remember that sex is not the main goal. The goal is to recognize and understand what your body wants and desires.

The keys of this practice are:

  • Deep breathing, whether you're giving yourself a massage or to your partner or being given the massage; deep breathing will help you to clean your mind from negative thoughts or emotions and to be present within your practice. It also will help you to connect with your body and/or to your partner.

  • Always remember to slow down, the main purpose of this practice is to slow down and focus on the feel and pleasure. You have to take your time to understand about your body better. Just be mindful of your movements and sensations.

  • Be mindful of your body, a massage always helps to relax your muscles and bring your senses more alive. Be aware of these sensations and allow yourself to be aroused and pleasured. PRO Tip: cover your eyes to help you feel the sensations on other four senses.

Bymne Tantra Ritual

This practice will help you to feel grounded and connected to your body. This routine can be practiced once in a while after rough days or whenever you feel disconnected.

Bymne Tantra Morning Ritual
  1. Right after waking up, light your Tantra Scented Candle and prepare your first drink (which is plain warm water).

  2. Sit and drink your water. Drink consciously and slowly: avoid gulping, just take a sip bit by bit and feel the water coming down your throat while feeling your waking up body. Take your time and take deep breath after every few sips. The scent of your Tantra Candle will help you to feel grounded.

  3. After finishing your water, do energy activation. Learn how to do an energy activation here. These movements are approved by Maria's Professional Kinesiologist to activate her energy on daily basis. Use your Tantra Massage Oil Roller and Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand for a better experience. You can cover your eyes with our Tantra Silk Blindfold to help you concentrate to this energy activation practice. This practice will help to balance your high energy level throughout the day.

  4. Continue with your routine as usual.

Bymne Tantra Evening Ritual
  1. After a long day, you're going to need a detox. Prepare your bathtub (or if you don't have one, you can just simply prepare a bucket of warm water to soak your feet into) and light your Tantra Scented Candle.

  2. Pour your Tantra Bath Salt into your tub.

  3. Soak in for at least 20 minutes.

  4. Just before going to bed, do a self-intimacy practice with Tantra Massage. You can do this practice in your bed with or without your partner.

  5. Set yourself a background music.

  6. Sit comfortably on your bed (or anywhere you feel like to) and take some deep breaths until you feel more relaxed and ready to continue your practice.

  7. Take your Tantra Massage Oil Roller and roll it on body parts you feel tensed or anywhere you feel need to.

  8. Prepare Tantra Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand as your massaging tool and use Tantra Silk Blindfold to cover your eyes to strengthen your four other senses while doing your Tantra Evening Ritual..

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